24k Gold Face Refining Polish
24k Gold Face Refining Polish
24k Gold Face Refining Polish
24k Gold Face Refining Polish

    24k Gold Face Refining Polish


      Meet our 24k Gold Face Refining Polish.

      Think chemical peel - BUT

      A  No redness.

      B  No flaking.

      C  No hiding indoors.

      Have you noticed that there is not a great deal of skincare out there for women in their 30's? 

      In your 30's, skin produces new skin cells and sheds dead skin cells more slowly, making your skin look dull. Collagen and elastin decrease and become weaker and this leads to sagging skin and wrinkles start to form. Let’s get real. You need an intervention right here. Water alone and your makeup will simply not do anymore.

      This is effortless skincare that cover's all the bases. This is your "29 in a bottle". Super Easy. Your skin will look instantly hydrated, plump, clear and rejuvenated. Who wouldn’t want skin that looks like you have spent mega bucks on treatments for less than the cost of one trip to the spa? One chemical peel costs approximately $100 in a clinic.

      Designed for women in their 30's, who are busy busy busy. We understand that it is too easy to let your skin fall through the cracks. By the time you have a chance to breath, your skin is drier, lines that weren’t there before are appearing and you feel the impending doom of ageing looming down upon you. Cue that moment where you still think you look like you did in your early 20’s until you see a photo of yourself in your early 20’s!

      So what now?

      Rid yourself of the potential anxiety and cost of choosing a "nanna-spec" 7 step anti-ageing skincare routine that you will never follow. Don’t waste your time or money. You know it will end up in the back of your cabinet. And then what?

      If you can set aside one minute per day (or every second day) you are on your way.

      No further intervention required.

      So we said it was easy. 

      Once a week, use our 24k Gold Face Refining Polish, massage into your skin for one minute and wash off. (You can use it in the shower!)

      In between, use our 24k Gold Face Defining Gel to keep your skin pristine. Also one minute per day and wash off. 

      You will see:

      • Visibly tighter and brighter skin so you still get those second glances.
      • Minimisation of pores so your make-up glides on effortlessly. 
      • Promotion of collagen so that you know you have those future lines covered.
      • No more dry, flaky skin, you will feel fresh and hydrated all day long. 
      • No more extra oily skin, you will notice a matt appearance to your complexion straight away.
      • AND have confidence that you wont get a pesky blemish just when you don’t need it, like before a wedding or big presentation.

      Did somebody say crystal clear skin?

      The Science Behind Our Products 

      The reason you see instant and real results is simple. 

      Our products are both chemical grade exfoliants. Think of a chemical peel, but the next step down. 

      Our Gold Face Refining Polish is an AHA (A Grade) Chemical Exfoliant infused with Gold and Aloe Vera. 

      AHAs are derived from natural substances and are ideal for exfoliating dry skin, since they remove the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. Gross, yes, but smoother skin is the payout. However AHAs, because they're water soluble, can't penetrate very deep into pores. This is where our product is different. With the addition of Gold, Gold opens up the skin's dermis to allow all the good stuff to penetrate more deeply, providing an instantly younger looking complexion. 

      AHAs have also been proven effective in reducing the visible signs of sun damage, including crepe-y skin and wrinkles.

      Our Gold Face Defining Gel is an BHA Chemical Exfoliant infused with Gold.

      BHA works on skin’s surface and deep inside the pore; it’s oil soluble, and also has natural skin-calming properties, so it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, skin prone to redness or rosacea. This well-rounded, gentle ingredient is even suitable for bumpy skin disposed to milia. 

      Both AHA and BHA's provide anti-aging benefits; they just do so differently. Used in combination, they combat signs of sun damage, deep wrinkles, stubborn clogged pores and bumps, or dull, flaky skin.

      Alternating between AHA and BHA products can be a great way for all skin types to experience the distinct benefits of each. In fact, many people find that alternating AHA and BHA exfoliants is the perfect solution to address their unique concerns.

      Ultimately, there’s no single best way to go about using AHA and BHA exfoliants; it’s all about experimentation to find what works best for you and then adjusting as needed based on the changing needs of your skin. What counts is that you keep using a leave-on chemical exfoliant--and we suspect you’ll willingly do that once you see how routine use remarkably transforms your skin.

      There's no better feeling that getting told you look like your still in your 20's when you are nearly 40. 

      Check out our five star rating and reviews- we have not received a negative review yet because it truly works. Our faces are proof! 

      Ingredients: Aqua/water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, carbomer, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, mica, white polymer, Phenoxyethanol, trimethylene glycol, fragrance oil, glycerine, maltodextrin, sodium hyaluronate, disodium EDTA, titanium dioxide, silica, tin oxide, calcium aluminum borosilicate, and CI77480 GOLD.


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